20 New Corps FAQ

How have the 20 New Corps locations and projects been selected?

While there are many locations around the world that could benefit from the 20 New Corps partnership, priority was given to locations that are our Partners in Mission, or where there was another existing connection with the USA Central Territory.  Projects were identified/proposed by the local Projects Officer/Territorial Commander in each territory and submitted through the IHQ Projects system.  All projects must also be approved by the USA Central Territory Finance Council.

Do funds raised for 20 New Corps count toward our corps/divisional World Services goal?

Yes!  There will be no new increase to the regular World Services goal.

Where can I learn more information about our specific corps/divisional 20 New Corps project?

Contact your Divisional Missions representative!  If you don’t know who your Divisional Missions representative is, email the World Missions Department at missions@usc.salvation and let us know your name, corps and division and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with your Divisional Missions representative.