2 20 New Corps Resources

Twenty New Corps Graphic_Large_Color_Central Initiative Version

The following resources are available to assist in your promotion of the Twenty New Corps initiative. Resource Kit Twenty New Corps Resource Kit – This resource...

1 Missions Minute: Corps Leader Training, Mali

Mali Soap Making Project

Missions Minute Title: Corps Leader Training, Mali Region Topic: World Services Project Description: The Salvation Army has been officially registered in Mali  since November...

2 Into the World

Into the World collage

Below you will see each of the “Into the World” themes that have been the World Services/Self-Denial focus for the past 12 years.  Click...

1 Into the World: Self-Denial Transforms

Self Denial Transforms video slide

For the next two years our World Services/Self-Denial focus will be “Self-Denial Transforms.” Through this theme we will discover how self-denial and sacrificial giving...

2 Into the World Videos

The Visual Communications Department has put all of the Into the World videos together in one convenient website.  Check it out here:  

1 The Power of One

The Power of One

One person. One sacrifice. One dollar. Sometimes it’s difficult to see how our small sacrifices and simple offerings can make a difference in the...

1 Missions Minute: Cadet Training, Mali

French shield

Missions Minute Title: Cadet Training for Four Candidates, Mali Region Topic: World Services Project Description: In the country of Mali, people make an average of...

1 Missions Minute: Maintenance and Land Purchasing Project

Typical Prayer Hall in the ISE Territory

Missions Minute Title: Maintenance & Land Purchasing in the India South Eastern Territory Topic: World Services Project   Description: The Salvation Army in steadily...

2 5 Ways You Can Get Involved in Missions Today


Getting involved in missions doesn’t necessarily mean getting on an airplane and crossing the ocean. Here are five ways that you can get involved...

2 Fundraising Idea: Flower Pens

Fundraise - Flowers in a Jar

The Plymouth Corps Girl Guards recently chose to do a World Services fundraiser as part of their “My World, My Heritage” emblem.   They...