SMT Stories

This summer 45 young adults will form eight Summer Mission Teams which will minister overseas and within the Central Territory (America’s Midwest) for eight weeks. They will be servant learners as they are involved in a variety of ministries, including work with children, visitation, music ministry, women’s meetings and evangelism. Continue reading to learn about the impact of the Summer Mission Team experiences on three of the 2008 team members.

Dwelling Together in Unity

by James Davisson
Summer Mission Team Intern to Spain 2008

I believe that God wanted me to see his love demonstrated through the unity of brothers and sisters in Christ this summer. I felt this most deeply in the second week of the summer, while my co-intern, Dave, and I were on the island of Mallorca. That week, the pastors of all the evangelical churches across the island had taken it upon themselves to meet and encourage one another in their difficult task-showing people God’s love in a secular society and living as active Christians in a world of cultural, but often irreligious, Catholicism-and to pray for God’s work on the island. I was invited to attend, and as soon as the meeting began I felt God’s love at work among the men and women in attendance. Each person who spoke or prayed demonstrated God’s love in their hearts, pouring out concern for the people of Mallorca. They fellowshipped freely despite any doctrinal or ecclesiastical differences. It was clear that their love for God had built a desire for unity among Christians. God spoke to me through His Word, read by the hosting church’s pastor: “How good and pleasing it is for brothers to dwell together in unity,” Psalm 133:1.

God’s love seen through fellowship with believers

by Katy Clark
Summer Mission Team Intern to South Africa 2008

During our first two weeks in South Africa, my co-intern, Emily, and I lived and ministered with Majors Isaiah and Happy Madonsela and their family. They lovingly opened their home to us and allowed us to integrate our individual spiritual gifts with their established means of contributing to God’s Kingdom. What I appreciated were the opportunities they gave us to work for their corner of the Kingdom in ways that we were already comfortable with and the support they showed us while we learned their ways of ministry.

Toward the end of our time with the Madonselas, Mama Happy invited us to attend a united women’s of 30 leaders of different churches in the community. It was a new experience for us. The women who represented the Ethiopian Church of South Africa led our gathering with a few songs and preaching by three of their delegates. Mama Happy translated softly into our ears while the women spoke with purpose and passion. After the sermons, any woman could testify about what God was doing in her life.

They shared specific examples of how the Lord actively encouraged them in the challenges they face daily: praying for children who wander from the Lord; illness and healing; doing God’s will and knowing Him through Bible study and prayer. They even asked us to share. Though Emily and I only spoke for a few minutes each, the women expressed profound gratitude. They showed us such love through their inclusion in their fellowship. It reminded me that God’s Kingdom is all about believers fellowshipping together, supporting and encouraging each other with testimony and acts of love.

United by the Holy Spirit

by Keri Polsley
Team member of Summer Mission Team to Peru 2008

It was the beginning of the summer, and we were in one of the poorer towns in Peru. Our team was participating in its first home visit, and we learned that we were on our way to visit an elderly lady who was dying of cancer. As we entered the home, the Salvation Army officer (pastor) asked us to give some encouragement to the woman and her family. The team began to pray, and as we did we knew that the prayers were not our own but were given to us by the Holy Spirit. After our brief visit we moved on and our paths did not cross with this family again for the rest of the summer. But the experiences of gathering with fellow believers, encouraging one another in the Lord, and experiencing the Holy Spirit speaking through us are memories that will not quickly fade.