SMT Costa Rica – Update #5

After five weeks of painting, cleaning, scraping, and did we mention painting? We’ve finally finished our work project in one of the buildings located on the compound of Centro Modelo. It was a process to completely renovate the facility, that took a lot of hands, but through that we connected with men in the rehabilitation program, officers, and cadets. We feel the accomplishment of having started something and finishing it. We can’t wait to see the pictures of it filled with youth from around the division at their first camp sometime in the near future.
Other than working on our renovation project we followed our weekly schedule. On Thursday Joshua led the weekly Bible study. Fridays are youth night and the team together led the meeting while one of the church members delivered the message.
Sunday was our last Sunday service here. The team led Sunday School. Kaleigh excelled as she reminded us how much the Lord looks after us and protects us, like he does the sparrow. We had the opportunity to witness two of our friends graduate from the rehabilitation program during the worship service. Joshua finished the service with a message and said goodbyes to the friends that we wouldn’t see on our last couple days.
We ended our time in Costa Rica with a surprise party all of our friends threw for us. It started with group games, as every proper meeting here has ice breaker games. There was then a time of sharing among our friends. We shared cake, coffee, and beautiful memories together. This led us into our next game. In teams we had to find a map which would lead us on a scavenger hunt of challenges. We scooted across fields, ran through tire holes, had sack races, Bible Trivia, wheel barrow races, hunts through lime fields, and three legged races. After all the games we spent the evening outside barbecuing and spending our last moments with our Costa Rican family. The night ended with a campfire, where we sang songs and danced together.
We’ve avoided our goodbyes as long as we could but our time came to wish our friends the best as we set out on our journey home. We were told many times that we were a blessing here in Costa Rica but truthfully we have been filled with blessings since the moment we arrived to this country. As we go out from Costa Rica we leave behind brothers and sisters in Christ and our family.

Prayers appreciated as we travel home.


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