Missions Moment: Overseas Personnel

Missions Moment
Topic: Overseas Personnel
In the next few months, two Overseas Personnel will be preparing to return to service in the Central Territory.
Captain Christopher Marques
Captain Marques has served in the Japan Territory for the past 7 years. He has worked in the territorial Youth Dept. during his time there. He will return to the US in May and will enjoy some time of furlough before taking up his next appointment.
Captains Jonathan and Catherine Fitzgerald (Emily & A.J.)
Captains Fitzgerald have served in the Caribbean Territory for the past three years. They have each had appointments at the College for Officer Training in that territory. They will return in July and enjoy some furlough before taking up their next appointment.
Many of you will be able to testify to the amount of stress that comes with any move, even across town, or across the country. Imagine how difficult a move across oceans, cultures and languages can be. The stress can be overwhelming. These times are filled with loss: loss of home, of friends, purpose and identity… so much loss. So we want to take these moments to focus our attention on these officers and their families as they prepare to leave their homes overseas and return to life and ministry here in the Central Territory.
Here is how you can care for and pray for them:
-Send them a note to let them know you are thinking of them and praying for them
-If/when you see them upon their return ask them about their time overseas. Think of specific questions they can answer not just generic questions like “How was your time overseas?” Maybe even invite them out for coffee or a meal.
Pray these things:
For good time management as they pack and finish out their work
For their health during these busy and stressful months
For quality time with their friends and favorite places before they have to say goodbye
For their emotional and spiritual health during this time of transition
For peace about their new homes and appointments in new, unknown locations
For good times of rest and restoration during their furlough time
For quality time with friends and family during their furlough time
For Emily and AJ as they experience these transitions outside of their control
That they will experience healthy goodbyes and find new friends quickly ]]>

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