20 New Corps: Eastern Michigan Division – Eastleigh, Rhonda, and Kimani, Kenya East

Project Information:  

Eastleigh, Kenya

The Eastleigh Corps is found in the most dangerous part of Nairobi. But here we find a vibrant, growing Salvation Army corps with over 250 Senior Soldiers. 80% of the corps is under the age of 30. They currently meet in a temporary structure made of iron sheeting which is not strong and is susceptible to flooding. They are excited to have a safe building to meet in on their property.

Project Information:  

Rhonda & Kimani, Kenya

Rhonda – This corps of over 165 people meet in a badly constructed iron sheet structure. This project will provide for them and their officers, safe buildings to live and worship in.

Kimani – This new corps, located on the Tanzania border, is hoping to have their own corps hall for worship and to begin their Anti-Human Trafficking ministry.