The Salvation Army Central Territory Sponsorship Program provides the opportunity for you to start a Christmas Tradition this year – to Share Your Christmas Joy. For many of you, this is already a Christmas tradition!

Many children in Salvation Army children’s homes, school and centers overseas have never experienced the real JOY that Christmas can bring. The Share Your Christmas Joy fundraiser is designed to give those children that unique feeling of excitement, love, and joy that only happens on Christmas.

We invite you to become a part of the JOY experienced by children in need when you contribute to Share Your Christmas Joy. Our goal is for over 75 children’s homes, school and centers overseas to receive $100.00 each to help celebrate Christmas. Please help us reach our 2020 goal of $7500!

To donate online, please visit this website.

You can also mail checks to our office with the address below:

Sponsorship Office – Share Your Christmas Joy

5550 Prairie Stone Parkway

Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

Click below to download the 2020 Share Your Christmas Joy mailer!

Help Us Reach our Goal of $7500