Majors Philip & Sheila DavissonMajors Davisson
Booth University / College for Officer Training
Winnipeg, Canada

Majors Philip and Sheila Davisson currently serve in the Canada and Bermuda Territory at Booth University and the College for Officer Training, respectively. In the past they have served as corps officers in Chicago and Aurora, Illinois and Port Huron, Michigan. In between pastoral assignments, they were on staff at The Salvation Army Training College in Chicago, where Philip was first the Property Officer, and then the Director of Curriculum, and at the Training College in Santiago, Chile, where Philip was the Education Officer, and later the Territorial Secretary for Education for the South America West Territory of The Salvation Army, covering Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. Sheila was the Education Officer in Chicago, Finance Office in Chile and Assistant to the Program Secretary for the South American West Territory.

Phil’s current role is Associate Dean for Extended Learning. This particular job gives him the opportunity to work with students around the world (including Salvation Army Officers and Soldiers, but not solely) in regards to getting certificates and degrees particular in Chaplaincy and Christian Ministry Programs. Extended learning is a huge piece for the future success of this college, therefore, Phil has a lot to learn and contribute. It is exciting to be a part of this endeavor.

For a time Sheila also served at Booth University but has now moved to a new role as a Training Officer at the College for Officer Training.  Her current responsibilities include spiritual formation, staff advising, liaison to Booth University, and instructing.


Personal information includes that Sheila and Phil have celebrated over 25 years of marriage; health is good, and faith solid.  Their three grown children, James, Jaclyn and Julia, all live in the United States.