Variety Village offers residential practical skills training for young men and women aged 15 – 25 years. The youngsters study one particular skill for two years and then sit a government trade certificate. Special provision is made for youngsters who could not sit a trade test, but could learn a basic skill such as weaving. People with special needs are particularly welcome and trainees include those with physical, visual and hearing impairments. Children from our children’s homes who are not academic also take the opportunity of learning skills at Variety Village.

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Courses offered are metalwork, leather work, carpentry, sign writing, tailoring and machine knitting. The center also has an optical unit serving the local community.

Generally only children referred from our homes are sponsored here.  The others have to pay fees, which although less than those charged for most secondary schools, still preclude many youths from taking advantage of these courses.  Fees are kept as low as possible by selling items produced in training.

Sponsorship for the training center is welcomed.  One-off gifts are welcome, particularly to buy tools to enable youngsters to become independent.