The Salvation Army in the India Central Territory is involved in many social services efforts, particularly the care and education of children through Salvation Army schools and children’s homes. One such example is the Eluru Girls’ Hostel, a residential home for young girls. There is often a waiting list of girls who are hoping to obtain a spot in the hostel, but because of finances and space they can only accommodate up to sixty girls at a time.

The hostel is located on a compound which includes several other Salvation Army facilities including a corps (church), school, Divisional Headquarters, homes for Salvation Army officers, and an open field where the children enjoy playing. There are also banana trees on the compound which help to provide some of the food for the residents of the hostel.

The Salvation Army provides the girls living at the hostel with shelter, clothing, food and educational opportunities. The children attend the Salvation Army school on the compound and are also educated spiritually as they participate in daily devotions, prayer time, Bible Study and character building classes. The girls live in one large room together where they sleep on bunk beds. While the children in the hostel do not have many material possessions, the smiles on their faces show the joy that they have in their hearts.


The Eluru Girls Hostel is very thankful to its sponsors who make it possible for them to provide care for these young girls in India.