The Dandora Community Center was started in 2003, the center is committed to create a supportive environment for orphans, HIV/AIDS affected orphans and other vulnerable children.  The development has been slow because of financial, social and academic support.  45 children daily attend the nursery, half of which are orphans.

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The vision of Dandora is to create and develop a society where orphans, HIV/AIDS affected orphans and other vulnerable children are recognized and cared for and supported as a means of fighting agonized the HIV/AIDS pandemic as well as overcoming child abuse.

Dandora also runs a mom & baby care program which teaches parents how to properly care for and support their children.  One aspect of this program is an income generating program with baby chicks.

Dandora Chicks

The daily challenges they face are:

  • Meeting basic needs like  food, clothing, school uniforms
  • Paying the salaries or nursery school teachers and center workers
  • Lack of funds to bring help children and their families with generating projects