The capacity at the Lahore Girls Boarding Hostel is normally 50 girls, but more recently it has been boarding 52-53 girls. The girls live at the hostel during the school year and the boarding fee is now 200 Rupees per month [$1 US to 80 Rs exchange]. Many girls can’t even afford that. They attend schools not on this compound but at private schools due to the inadequate quality of the public schools. The ages of the girls range from preschool 4 year olds to 18 year old college level girls. The dorm rooms are clean but the beds are pushed close to each other to allow for the extra girls. At least each girl has her own bed.


The dining room doubles as a study, the older girls may have a tutor and the small girls have help from housemothers. There is a small play area, and the girls stay within the area most of the time.