The Salvation Army Bethany Girl’s Home is working and ministering among the sexually abused children ages 9-18 years old. The girls coming in are referrals from the Department of Social Welfare and Development.  Many are victims of sexual molestation and rape. Most of the victim’s parents have to work hard to sustain their daily living and leave their children at   home unsafe. Some of them are products of broken families and few are orphans to a father and most likely the mothers married again and their live-in partners live also with their children.

These children have developed low self-esteem and unhealthy personal interactions after their traumatic experiences. They are placed for temporary shelter and protective custody because of parents who can’t assure their protection, parents who are negative in thinking and unsupportive to the plight of the victims and those who are risk in the community where they belong.

Bethany Home

These young girls have needs that require a reasonable degree of fulfillment to enable them to grow normally and improve their self-image, regain lost confidence of self and to help them formulate their values.

Children’s needs come in various forms and degree. They range from the very basic-shelter, clothing, opportunity for emotional and intellectual development, the need to belong and spiritual needs- aspiring for higher values and development as true Christians.

Bethany Children’s Home aspires to responsibly address its service to its client’s psychosocial and physical needs.  Its aim is to continually venture on development in approach. Funds from Sponsorship can be used for professional help and personal development needs which can in turn help the girls to become healthy stable young ladies.