This home is situated near Kenyan border, Tororo Children’s Home is a home compiled of boys and girls. Out of these children, we have 11 girls and 49 boys who stay in the home. All of the boys and girls admitted into this home are orphans referred by the government to be under the care of The Salvation Army. In addition to these students, there is a nursery school for those children who are under the age of joining primary school. The Tororo nursery school has helped people from the community who pay a small fee for their children to attend.  This small income has helped Tororo meet the expenses of the center and the nursery itself.

Young children enjoy swings, slides and football (7)

Tororo’s greatest need is for funding to replace many of their buildings. The dormitories, dining room, and other structures are very simple and very old. Renovation has made them look good but they are too old to last much longer.