Self-denial Transforms Corps: A report from Springfield, Missouri

For the past two months, as a focus for their World Services fundraising, the Springfield, Missouri Corps congregation has been learning about the water needs that affect so many around the world.

Haiti waterIn Sunday School opening, Women’s Ministries, and Youth Night, participants watched videos of how The Salvation Army is helping to create ways for villages to have safe access to clean water.  Everyone was given a bottle of water to enjoy, and they were reminded that many in our world do not have access to clean water or any water at all.  Participants were then challenged to take their empty water bottles home, fill them with cash and bring them back each week for the offering.  Weekly offerings were placed in buckets to represent that this is how water is carried from long distances in many parts of the world by adults and children.

At the end of the two month focus, the congregation had raised $687.24 contributed as follows:

Sunday School:
Girls – $291.30
Boys – $268.69

Women’s Ministries – $100.74

Youth Night – $ 26.51


A/Captain Dana Cook comments, “It has been an exciting time for our corps people to be enlightened about the need for water and how we take this product for granted.”

Well done, Springfield Corps!  Thank you for your dedication and commitment to World Services!

What is your corps doing to raise awareness and funds for World Services?  We would love to hear from you and share your story!  Contact us at: [email protected]




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