Summer Mission Teams

What is Summer Mission Team?

SMT is a Leadership and Discipleship program for young adults in the USA Central Territory. Through this 8 week program, team members will learn to live incarnationally, become cultural learners, practice partnership and engage in matters of justice.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Qualifications for Applicants:

  1. 18-29 years old
  2. Live out a personal faith in Jesus Christ, demonstrate love for God, and show compassion for others.
  3. Proven leadership ability
  4. Heart for Evangelism and knowledge of the Bible
  5. Emotional and spiritual maturity
  6. Tolerant personality / Even temperament
  7. Desire to learn / Teachability
  8. Friendliness / Approachability
  9. Strong work ethic
  10. Hands-on ministry and service experience
  11. Previous missions experience preferred
  12. Applicants need to fulfill the qualifications of column A OR must fulfill 1 qualification from BOTH column B and column C.

Team members are selected through an application process and by a committee dedicated to making sure the teams are committed to God and the mission of The Salvation Army.

Is this the year you should apply?

For more information about the Summer Mission Team e-mail:
[email protected]