Captains Matthew Beatty and Rona Mutcha
International Emergency Services Programme Officer for Strategy, Security, and Project Support at International Headquarters
Chaplain: No. 10 (with St Anne’s) & Associate Officer – Regent Hall for the United Kingdom Territory

Capt. Matthew is a first-generation Salvationist from Kansas City, MO while Capt. Rona has been a lifelong Salvationist from the Northern Luzon Division in the Philippine Territory. They met while Matthew was serving as a lay missionary for The Salvation Army in the Philippines in 2011. Married in Piaz Corps, Rona’s home corps in the Philippines, they arrived in the USA in February of 2013. Matthew was blessed to continue in his passion of International Emergency Service (IES), being selected as a part time IES team member in 2013 while Rona continued her gift of outreach ministry at a local apartment complex. They were accepted to the training college in 2014 with the Messengers of Light Session and were appointed to Grand Forks, North Dakota as corps officers in 2016 where they completed 5 years of service. Matthew rejoins International Emergency Service at International Headquarters full time as IES program officer while Rona has two appointments under the United Kingdom Territory as associate corps officer at Regent Hall Corps and continuing outreach ministry for homelessness and human trafficking at #10 Drop in Center/St Anne’s.