Children’s Ministry

It’s important for kids to learn that they are a part of a global community. Teaching about World Missions is not as difficult as it may sound. Here are some resources that will help you in your ministry to children. These ideas can be used in Sunday School, Character Building groups, Junior Soldiers/Corps Cadets, etc. We know this summer and fall will still look different for many of you, so please feel free to adapt these ideas to your current reality.

World Missions Spirit Week: Use this guide to have a spirit week dedicated to learning about World Missions! For day 7, click here to learn more about The Salvation Army in Sri Lanka.

VBS for India: Use this document for ideas on how to incorporate a missions component into your VBS curriculum.

Penny War – Run a penny war during Sunday School (or any other group). You can do boys v. girls, or compete by age groups, classes, etc.

Coin Boxes – order these free coin boxes here for every family at your corps and pass them out at the beginning of the year so they have time to fill it!

Blessing Calendar – Example: Here is a creative example of a calendar that can be used as a fun way to raise money while also raising awareness.

Blessing Calendar – Editable: Download this calendar to get started on creating your own Blessing Calendar!

Blessing Taxes – Editable: Download this file for another option of your own Blessing Calendar.