Captains Derek and Heather Jung

Corps Officers, Gumi Corps

Gyeongbuk Division, Korea Territory

Captains Derek and Heather are serving at the Gumi Corps in South Korea. They previously served at Maplewood Corps, Lakewood Corps, and Oakbrook Terrace Corps in the Central Territory since 2018. Their adult children, Anita and Meenkyu (Matthew) are living in the USA. Captain Derek is a first generation Salvationist and Christian. He was a pastor for ten years in Korea in the past, but he left God’s calling in 2002. After fourteen years, he refound his calling in the Salvation Army. Captain Heather was a daughter of a Presbyterian pastor and studied fashion design. She experienced God’s calling for officership when she laid down everything in God’s hands, including her weaknesses so she could be an officer because she only depended on God’s grace. Now, they are serving the Gumi Corps and the people around them in Korea by God’s grace.

“Nothing can separate us from the love of God!” – Romans 8:39 –