Since 2018 the USA Central Territory has been paired with five Partners in Mission (PIM) territories for the purpose of learning about each other, praying for each other, and working together for the sake of the Gospel.

These specific partners have been assigned to the following Central Territory commands:

ARCC: Congo Brazzaville Territory
CFOT: Kenya East Territory
GLD: Kenya East Territory
IND: Sri Lanka Territory
KWM: India South Eastern Territory
NCI: Congo Brazzaville Territory
MID: Caribbean Territory
NOR: Sri Lanka Territory
WST: Caribbean Territory
WUM: India South Eastern Territory

Please know that the divisional pairings are only a suggestion. You are free to develop a relationship with ANY of our territory’s PIMs.  As you consider an approach to beginning these new partnership, here are a few reminders from the Missions Department on projects you and your units could consider:

  • Sponsor a young person or young officer couple to attend territorial events: Youth Councils, CBLI, CMI, Commissioning weekend, etc. Such a trip would be a once in a lifetime event for them.
  • Raise money and travel to a PIM for a short term missions trip. While this is expensive, experience has shown our people are willing to work towards a worthwhile goal. A possible outcome of mission trips can be increased global awareness of Salvation Army ministry and increase World Services giving.
  • Sponsor a children’s home in a PIM country.
  • Consider inviting a young adult from a PIM country to serve on a summer camp staff as an employee of volunteer staff, paying their travel expenses and hosting them for the Summer.
  • Use Project:FAST kits, available from the Missions Department, for corps or commands to raise funds and increase awareness of your PIM. The program involves a 24 hour fast, Bible study, education, and a local service project.

The World Missions Department is ready to assist you as you consider ways to partner with fellow Salvationists in your new PIM countries. Contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

Thank you for your support of our Partners in Mission!