Captains Leta and Abraham Marin

Corps Officers – Osorno Corps, Administrators – Escuela William Booth

Chile Division, South America West

Before beginning their service in the South America West Territory, Captains Abraham and Leta Marin served as Corps Officers in two bilingual corps, first in the East Chicago Corps in East Chicago, Indiana, and then in the Cold Spring Corps in Greenfield, Wisconsin.  They have one son, Abraham Junior.

Captain Abraham is a third-generation Salvationist, originally from Chile (SAW Territory).  Before entering the training college, he was an accountant and physical education teacher.  Captain Leta is a first-generation Salvationist.  She holds an MA in English from the University of Missouri – Columbia and an MPA in Nonprofit Management from the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

In Chile, Captains Abraham and Leta have had an interim appointment at Divisional Headquarters for the Chile Division and at the Escuela de Santiago, an elementary school, prior to taking on their longer-term appointment as Corps Officers at the Osorno Corps and as administrators at the Escuela William Booth.

Captains Abraham and Leta love intercultural ministry, but, more than that, they love God and how he manifests his power through different people of different cultures and ethnicities.