Self-Denial in Rapid City, SD

by Captain Nathan Harms

For Lent this year, in addition to our regular World Services, our corps embarked on a journey to raise money (and awareness) to help fund a specific project. We focused our efforts on the ‘Love in Action’ resource using ‘The Power of One’ example – One Person. One Sacrifice. One Dollar.Self Denial Transforms envelope

We distributed Self-Denial envelopes and coin boxes on Sunday, January 31. We began the first day of February rather than the first day of Lent, so that we could take up a special collection on Palm Sunday, then announce the results on Easter Sunday. We shared in this endeavor for 40 days.

Here are some examples of how soldiers participated:

  1. I saved a dollar a day for the soda pop I gave up for the 40 days.
  2. I just wrote a check in an amount I thought was fair.
  3. I gave the change from each time I went shopping.
  4. Some people contributed cash to our kids’ effort, with which they put money in their own envelopes.

Jamaican foodWe raised awareness through talks at Youth Night, videos in Holiness Meeting, and lessons during Sunday School. In the middle of the project, our Men’s Ministries hosted a meal to celebrate the Caribbean Territory by serving Jerk Chicken, Curry Pork, Rice and Beans, and Fried Plantains. Information was shared regarding what’s happening in the Caribbean territory. It was amazing.

The goal was to raise $1,000.00, a far stretch considering it would take 25 individuals to raise $40.00 each. Well, 46 church-goers marched down the chapel aisles and gave an average of $30.00. We raised $1,395.88!

These funds have been designated to Kenya East Territory for use on 20 Farm Animals ($600.00), 20 School Uniforms ($600.00), and 65 Mosquito Nets ($195.88). Our corps is so blessed with the thought of helping someone else’s livelihood.


Way to go, Rapid City!  How is YOUR corps raising money in self-denial?  We would love to hear from you!


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  • Spencer Malouf

    Unfortunately at some parts it becomes a little too off subject, such as how they guys change their minds on and off.

  • Beverley Trumbo

    Folks have no idea that this exists. I know this must be here but I eventually got lucky and the search phrases worked. You’ve contributed to my exploration in your posting.


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