The World Services-Self Denial materials for 2018 are continuing with the theme “Self-Denial Transforms.” This year’s projects are being implemented in collaboration with The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO) and focus on the following:

  • Health and Education in the Kenya East Territory
  • Women’s Ministries in the India South Eastern Territory
  • Income Generating Projects in the Latin America North Territory

Through this theme we will continue to discover how self-denial giving transforms our communities, our lives and our future.
Health and Education, Kenya East Territory – Learn about The Salvation Army Nairobi Urban Community Health Project and some of the other important children’s ministries.
Women’s Ministries, India South Eastern Territory – Learn about The Salvation Army’s Integrated Community Empowerment Program and the positive impact it’s having on over 5400 families!
Income Generating Projects – Latin America North Territory – Learn about a new soccer field initiative that will generate income for the mission of The Salvation Army and provide evangelism opportunities in the Latin America North Territory.
To download these videos for offline playback, visit:
Printed Materials
Materials available include posters, envelopes, coin boxes, and pledge cards.  Order online here.

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