SMT Hungary – Update #2

Szia (hello),Miskolc 1

Another week in Hungary has come to an end. This week we spent our time at a music camp in Miskolc. The children here are very energetic and full of smiles. We spent our week learning more Hungarian and teaching the children English plus helping those who already speak English practice more. We also had Bible study every day with some crafts to tie in and the kids learned new Sunday school songs. After our lunch every day we taught the kids two songs to present to their parents on Friday which the kids did a wonderful job leaving smiles on their faces and their parents. The whole week we got to play games as well and the kids love soccer! There was even a family with very limited resources, the little girl Petra came with messy hair because she didn’t have a brush of her own. Our team asked among each other if any of us had a comb and one of the girls did. So she combed out Petra’s hair and put it in braids then let her keep the comb. Petra smiled so much the rest of the day. There was also another Miskolc 2girl named Sara that despite the language barrier gave her testimony in broken English to one of the girls on the team. It’s amazing how God brings his people together and helps them understand each other even in different languages.

Some of our evenings were spent with the captains going into the villages to hold services. The first one was in the village the children of music camp come from. We sang songs listened to testimonies and watched God move through the service. The second service we had was in a village 20 miles away from Miskolc and again we watched God came among us in worship of Him. The Captain is a wonderful man of  God and serves him with fire of the Holy Spitirt as does his wife! We are truly blessed here in Hungary and look forward to the next location God has called us to!

Szia (bye),Miskolc 3
Team Hungary


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