SMT Southern Africa Team – Update #1

Hello from South Africa!

We arrived on Monday at around 10:00 PM, and we had our first meal at McDonalds! The next day was our first full day in Cape Town, and we started our day at DHQ where met the DC, the cadets, and some local officers. They treated us with some of their singing, which was completely a cappella and had perfect harmonies!
We spent most of our week at the Mannenburg corps. We helped a lot with the nursery, kids club, and boys and girls ministry. During these times we did crafts, bible stories, a memory verse, we taught them the dance, and taught them some of our songs. They ended up teaching us way more songs than we taught them, and they are a very talented group of kids! We showed off these talents at a talent show on Saturday, and we had everything from flips and dance routines, to singing and soccer tricks.

Another thing we did while spending our time at Mannenburg is that we helped them with a feeding scheme. This was basically just us giving out food to anyone who wanted it in the neighborhood. We helped with handing it out, bringing out the trays, and filling up the bowls. Finally on Sunday we ran the whole service which included a small brass band, praise and worship, a timbrel routine, the dance with all of the kids, some testimonies, a children’s object lesson, and finally a sermon by Greg, (not completely in that order!). We had a little bit of time after the service to do some touristy things and along the way we saw a baboon on the street, and an actual baboon crossing sign! We definitely don’t get those in the States. This is just scratching the surface of what God has done with us in South Africa so far, but I will leave it at that for now. Goodbye until next week!

Robin and the Southern Africa Team


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