Kenya SMT Update #4

Kenya4 Jambo,Team Kenya has just returned from a busy week in the Nakuru Division. While in this division we led a youth rally, visited the N’gundo corps, and SCANN (Street Children Assisted Network of Nakuru).

SCANN is a compound that provides street children with food, shelter, clothing, and an education. In addition to this they provide counseling for the children and will often times cover the cost of a child’s university education. While there our team was able to tour the compound and see the children put on a show of various extracurricular activities.

On Saturday we led a youth rally for 200 children at the Nakuru Corps. We were able to work with a variety of age groups and got to do a program that was over two hours long. We enjoyed getting to minister there as it was the last youth rally of our summer.

On Sunday the team split into two groups with one attending the Nakuru Corps and the other attending Ronda Corps. Both groups enjoyed their worship and were able to dance with the congregation. Both groups were also able to experience something unique which the Salvation Army here calls Harvest Sunday. In Kenya there are territorial Harvest Festivals and each corps must raise enough money to participate. On Harvest Sunday there is a special offering and produce is often auctioned off. We were able to participate in this tradition and even buy some Cassava. We also got to participate in two more open airs, one of which had a strong mercy seat response.

While we greatly enjoyed the activities of this past week we enjoyed the fellowship even more. The Divisional Commanders of the Nakuru Division took the time to show us their town, feed us, and get to know us. We were humbled by the amount of time and energy they put into making us feel welcomed. This couple was such a blessing to our team and we are so grateful to have met them.Kenya4b

Our days in this beautiful territory are sadly now in the single digits and we have started to reflect on our time here. We feel blessed to be here and are sad to leave.

Love and Blessings,

Team Kenya



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