Hey there, it’s CAST again! We are now leavinCAST update 3 ag Waukesha, Wisconsin. We had a fantastic week. We got to teach the children of the corps for Theater Week at Day Camp. The first day, Sunday, we met the officers and just got a chance to settle into the house we would be staying in for the week. It was a great time for planning. I could tell already that it was going to be a pretty great week.
On Monday, we got to start teaching the children at the camp. We were able to teach them Drama, Dance, and Bible in the morning, and in the afternoon we got to go with the kids to the library.
On Tuesday, we taught the same classes in the morning. We then taught four classes in the afternoon that consisted of recreation, stage make-up tutorials, timbrels, and crafts. During the tutorial Sandy taught a few different techniques, and terminology, and then had the children review as she did the make-up.
CAST update 3Wednesday was the day of our performance. We used an intermission to allow the children to ask about the first part of the show and really connect with it. We took them outside to play water balloon games, to go along with the story of Noah and the Ark. The kids all loved it! So did the counselors. We got some really great feedback afterward. We give all of the credit to God though. This show is purely to share His message. That night, we made tacos for dinner and had Cheri over. She is the Daycamp Director and does a wonderful job of working with the children. We can see that it really does give her joy.
Thursday, we taught our morning and afternoon classes, with a park break in the middle. Later that evening, the officers, Majors Nelson and Deborah De La Vergne, took us out to dinner. We got a chance to have fellowship with them and learn more about the Waukesha corps and community.
Friday, our last day, the children performed the Dance, Drama, and Timbrel routines that we taught them during the week. They did a great job. After Greg led an object lesson, the children were given an opportunity to accept Jesus into their hearts. 23 children made the decision to follow Jesus and made a handprint on a cross. The team and the counselors spent time praying with them, and we continue to pray for them using the list of names that we kept. After lunch, we got to go to the pool in town to go swimming. It was a perfect way to end the week.
CAST update 3 bThis week was definitely a blessing. We really saw God’s work in the lives of the campers. While teaching the children, we learned a lot about ourselves. There were some challenges during the week, but that didn’t stop us from loving every one of the children. It was really a growing experience for the whole team, and we’re sad to have to leave this morning, but I know that South Bend Indiana will be amazing, too. This week we ask for prayers for all of the Day Camp children, especially the ones that came to Christ, along with the Waukesha corps. We also ask for prayers of healing for the team, as we are all dealing with sickness.

-With love from Wisconsin,
Kayla and the CAST team


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