SMT Southern Africa Team – Update #3

Hello for the last time from South Africa! We will be traveling to Namibia on Tuesday, so keep us in your prayers for safe travels.

We started our week on Monday with a day off, and we decided to go watch Toy Story 4, did some souvenir shopping, and ate Nando’s at a local mall.
On Tuesday we had a reflection day at the Hesketh King Treatment Centre, which is a rehab for boys ages 15 and up. We toured the facility a little bit, and took a walk at an arboretum. It was a good day to reflect on all of the blessings God has provided us so far! We headed back to the treatment center where we met the daughters of the officers there. We were also treated to a braii which was amazing. We ended the day at Claremont to practice praise and worship for Sunday.

Wednesday-Friday we started our day at Claremont. On Wednesday we attended a funeral, but Thursday and Friday we helped out with their kids club. We taught them a couple of songs, a couple of games, and a bible story both days. All three days we headed to the Crossroads Corps after Claremont, and we also helped with kids club there. It’s a lot of fun to minister to the children, and one of the days we had over 100 kids there. We had about 2 hours of material for each of the days. We taught them the dance, did some crafts, taught them songs and Bible stories, and really just made sure they had a good time while spreading God’s word. On Friday we actually went to another location, and that was the Athlone Corps. We started with bouncing some ideas off of each other for the next day, because we would be doing a traveling VBS together. We helped out with a youth event they had set up. We helped set up, then we performed a skit and the dance during the actual event, and it was a really good night of just fellowship between the youth there.
Saturday we did the traveling VBS at Athlone. We traveled to a couple different parts of the neighborhood, and the kids would follow. Again we taught them some songs, games, a memory verse, and a Bible story. After the VBS we headed over to Major Wendy’s house for some awesome fellowship between the team, and everyone who helped at the youth event.

On Sunday we started our day Claremont where Greg, Jessica, and Trevor played in the brass band. We also helped in the praise band, where Noah played the drums, Jessica and I sang, and Allie played the piano again. Allie also gave her testimony during this service, Yeong-Haw did a scripture verse, and Jess did a responsive reading. We quickly headed over to Crossroads after this. Here Greg did a children’s lesson, I (Robin) read the scripture verse, Noah gave his testimony, and Trevor gave the message. They treated us to lunch family style which was amazing, and we headed back over to Claremont for a youth rally. We helped with praise and worship again, Noah gave his testimony again, we did the timbrel routine, we recited the memory verse, and Greg gave the message. We headed back home after a while, and after eating, we quickly cleaned up and did some packing, because this was our last night in our first house.


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  • Tony Hall

    Very proud of you guys and Trevor

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