Overseas Personnel Update – Captains Matthew and Rona Beatty

Anyone who knows me, knows how excited I get about visiting and/or learning about other

cultures. Living in and traveling to other countries has been a constant part of my life since I was 2 years old. (My parents are now retired officers who spent a majority of their career serving overseas.) But as of right now, I have lived in the US for 8 years straight and, for obvious reasons, haven’t left the country in more than two years. I can’t wait for that to change!


I know how privileged I am to be able to travel as much as I have. Not everyone has the ability to do so. Therefore, I’m just as passionate about finding ways to experience different cultures without ever leaving our hometown.

Capts. Rona and Matthew Beatty have recently begun new appointments based in London, England. Following their Facebook posts one can see they are taking full advantage of being tourists in their new city. One could argue that’s easy to do in a city like London, but most, if not all of us, can take advantage of resources in our own cities to experience people, food, art, history, and customs of those who are different from us.

Since arriving in London just a couple months ago, Matthew and Rona have

  • Watched local sports on TV
  • Toured history museum
  • Visited famous, tourist sights
  • Tried local English food
  • Found international food markets to buy unique ingredients for home cooking
  • Been to a favorite fast food restaurant from Rona’s native Philippines (Jollibee)
  • Taken friends to try Jollibee
  • Tried other cultural foods
  • Participated in a Salvation Army international fellowship
  • Ridden public transportation

That’s just what they’ve accomplished in two months, on their days off! While Capts. Beatty are exploring their new home, they are also learning about many countries and cultures that influence London. We can all do the same thing in our own locations. We can find museums, restaurants, festivals, and streaming/online entertainment to help us learn and experience new cultures. I may be “stuck at home” for now, but I’m challenged by following Capts. Beatty on social media to find ways to expand my worldview, to “see” more of the world God created, from right here in my backyard. Will you join me?

–Viki Payton