20 New Corps in 2017

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What if we could direct World Service giving to help Salvationists around the world to build corps buildings for increased ministry and service? During the 2016-2017 World Services year, the USA Central Territory will focus our self-denial giving on building or improving 20 Salvation Army corps facilities around the world.

How does this work?

Each division, CFOT, ARC Command and THQ will be given information, photos, and resources for one or two of the 20 New Corps projects.  It is up to each command and unit to determine how you would like to promote, fund-raise, and educate about the 20 New Corps initiative.  If you would like information about your division’s project, contact your Divisional Missions Representative.  (If you aren’t sure who your Divisional Missions Representative is, contact the World Missions Department.)

What are the 20 New Corps locations?

What resources are available to help our corps or division promote our 20 New Corps project?

  • Visit the 20 New Corps Resources page to access all resources and promotional materials related to 20 New Corps.
  • IBM Connections Community – This is a place where resources and fundraising ideas will be posted, and where you can share your own ideas, suggestions or questions.  Go to https://connections.salvationarmy.org.  You will need to login with a Notes email address in internet form ([email protected]) and your internet password (same as Sametime, Red Shield Toolkit or Traveler).  If you aren’t sure about your login information, please contact your Command IT department.  Once you have logged in to Connections, type in “20 Corps” in the search bar and look for the group called “20 Corps in 2017” and click on it.  Once you are in the “20 Corps in 2017” community, click on “Join this Community” and “Following Actions/Follow This Community,” both in the upper right hand corner, to make sure that you don’t miss any updates!  You must have an IBM Notes email address in order to join this community.

Still have questions? Check out the 20 New Corps FAQ!