JoyValley started in 1993 with 35 pupils with the purpose to start a school that provides the pupils with opportunities to:

  • Enjoy learning and develop desire to continue learning
  • Acquire literacy, creativity and communication skills
  • Develop ability for critical thinking and local judgment
  • Develop into self disciplined , physically fit and healthy people
  • Develop aesthetic values and appreciate own and other people’s culture

Joy Valley student

The following issues motivated the establishment of JoyValley:

  • The children could not walk to school and back because of disabilities that left them only able to crawl. This made some children fearful and some were getting hurt trying to crawl to school.
  • Often times children with disabilities are abandoned, or at best, kept in the house as their parents are ashamed of them.
  • Many parents have not been well educated on how to love and care for a child with a disability.