Summer Mission Teams

What is Summer Mission Team?

Summer Mission Team (SMT) is a leadership development program that invites young people into a deeper relationship with the Lord through participation in a seven-week team missions experience. While the teams minister with The Salvation Army overseas or throughout the Midwest, they are given the opportunity to discover God’s plan for all people to be part of His Kingdom. Summer Mission Team members also benefit from gaining a broader perspective of The Salvation Army.

The Creative Arts Service Team (CAST) is a Summer Mission Team with a creative arts ministry emphasis. This team will utilize drama, dance and other creative arts to present the gospel and will teach others to do the same. Applicants should have some prior experience in dance, drama or music to be considered for CAST.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Qualifications for Applicants:

  1. Active member of The Salvation Army (Salvationist).  Must own and be willing to wear uniform as assigned.
  2. 18-28 years of age
  3. Must have the endorsement of the Corps Officer and Divisional Headquarters.
  4. Visibly demonstrate love for God and compassion for others.
  5. Proven leadership ability. Successful involvement in corps or divisional leadership
  6. Specific skills/experience in teaching, public speaking, children’s ministry, evangelism, gospel arts or construction
  7. Evangelistic zeal and a clear personal witness.
  8. Knowledge of the Bible
  9. Emotional and spiritual maturity
  10. Tolerant personality / Even temperament
  11. Desire to learn / Teachability
  12. Friendliness / Approachability
  13. Hands-on ministry and service experience
  14. Previous missions experience preferred

Team members are selected through an application process and by a committee dedicated to making sure the teams are committed to God and the mission of The Salvation Army.

Is this the year you should apply?

For more information about the Summer Mission Team e-mail:
[email protected]

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