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Third Quarter Newsletter 2016

In this issue of the newsletter you can read about: Twenty New Corps Initiative Global Mission Teams to La Fosse, Haiti and Rio, Brazil Youth Councils – Project: FAST Check it out!

SMT CAST – Update #5

CAST @ Warren - Group w Amanda

Hello! The Creative Arts Service Team is hailing from Warren, Michigan this week. CAST had quite a fun week, and our hosts Captains Andrew and Melissa Shiels, were very welcoming. There were many things that CAST had to do and we couldn’t wait to get started. During the week we were able to have fellowship…

SMT Central – Update #3

After our return from The Bahamas, Central team headed to Missouri to join the youth of The Salvation Army in this year’s national Jamboree. During the week our team stayed in tents and helped lead activities such as archery, canoeing, and crafts. The team was able to meet teens from many different backgrounds and places,…

SMT CAST – Update #4

CAST @ Ft. Wayne - Kingdom of God

Hello! The Creative Arts Service Team hit Fort Wayne Indiana this week! We started our Monday bright and early at the Fort Wayne Corps; there we met Captain Luis and Lieutenant Linda Acosta and their daughter, Andy. We were also introduced to Cadets Donna and Na Thammavongsa and their children Isabella and Alestar, who are…

SMT Mexico – Update #5


Week five for Equipo Mexico was full of unexpected surprises and lots of new experiences. We arrived to the first ever divisional music camp near Teotihuacan. We were part of the staff for the week as Greg assisted in beginner’s band, Johanna taught piano, and Shannon taught beginner’s timbrels and dance class. Captains Santana and…

SMT Kenya – Update #4 & 5

Kenya - week 4.5

It’s week 4 and 5 for the Kenya Team and we suddenly cannot stop calling Kenya our home. Now we all have a different understanding of the quote, “Home is where your heart is.” because we’re the living truth. Last Sunday the team split into two groups and preached at two different corps in the…