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#2DollarMealChallenge Follow-Up

So you’ve completed the $2 Meal Challenge, now what? Don’t forget what you’ve learned. Find a way to keep the lessons you learned through this challenge at the forefront of your mind. Here are a few suggestions that may be helpful to you: Keep the lessons fresh in your mind by practicing this challenge once…

The Story of a Few Good Apples


I was driving to work once and saw a homeless man standing on the corner, waiting for a bus. There were small apples on the ground that had fallen off a tree. Most looked shriveled or bruised from where I could see them. He was looking all around him, wanting to pick some up, but…

The Story of The Day I Failed


It was Mexican Independence Day. I grew up in Mexico so this is a big deal for me. Cheap breakfast – $0.20. Usual Wednesday lunch with friends from work – a Slice of Chorizo, Onion, Jalapeño Pizza and Soda – $3.78. Mexican Candy for dessert – $0.15. So far this day = $4.13. I really…

The Story of the Breakfast Donut


A few days ago I bought a ½ dozen donuts for my Sunday School class. I came home with leftovers. 3 days later, I noticed all that was left in the box were two halves of donuts… 3 days old. I considered the dilemma: throw them out or try to salvage them into a breakfast….

$2 Meal Challenge


Did you know that nearly half of all people in the world live on $2 per day or less?  When you consider all of your daily living expenses – food, housing, vehicles, insurance, entertainment, and more – how much are you living on per day?  Humbling, isn’t it? To help us have a taste of…

Share Your Christmas Joy is Coming

It doesn’t seem possible since it’s still technically summer and we have two other holidays to go before December comes, but…. Christmas has arrived. Many stores have started selling Christmas decorations and candy, and layaway programs have started. Get ready to cultivate your Christmas spirit! The “Share Your Christmas Joy” campaign is coming soon. This…