Have you ever wondered how your corps’ World Services donations are used?

World Services/ Self-Denial funds have been put towards many projects around the world – over 100 in only the last year! This infographic summarizes the impact of your World Services dollars. As you can see, these projects are comprehensive including funding for sound systems, computers, and even a greenhouse! Additionally, World Services donations went towards buying plots of land, fixing up corps buildings and roofs, and purchasing vehicles.

These projects have supported Salvation Army ministries in 28 different countries! Funding projects like these allows for various ministries around the world to flourish and ultimately, to glorify God. These projects are only one of the ways The USA Central Territory partners globally for the sake of the gospel. We also partner through prayer and building relationships with others around the world. We hope you continue to join us in partnering globally for the sake of the gospel.

For more information about some recent World Services Projects, you can visit the website www.centralmissions.org/partners-in-mission/

You can also order World Service fundraising materials on our website at www.centralmissions.org/wsorder/

As mentioned before, we also partner globally for the sake of the gospel through prayer. Join us in praying over these projects.


  • Pray for the people involved with the planning and implementing of the projects
  • Pray for the lives who will be affected by these projects (the recipients of the computers, the workers in the greenhouse, the members of the corps who are getting an updated building, and many more!)
  • Pray for the future of these projects. That the projects would be sustainable.
  • Pray for our hearts to be open to show compassion and generosity to others.