Missions in Madison

World Services Logo_2012The Madison, IN Corps has been learning a lot about The Salvation Army’s Partners in Mission, mission opportunities, Central Territory Missionaries and Sponsorship. During Sunday School opening, Lt. Brenna Lee shares resources that Central Missions offers on their website, centralmissions.org. She encourages the congregation to not only support overseas ministry financially, but to also learn about different people and culture that makes up The Salvation Army worldwide.

The GrubbsThis month’s focus is specifically on Sponsorship. The first week, the officers provided a general introduction to the sponsorship opportunity that Central Missions offers. After the service a leader of the corps approached Lts. Lee and said, “My wife and I have always supported missionaries; after we left our home church, we haven’t really found an opportunity to do so. We have been with The Salvation Army for six years now and had no idea all that our church does throughout the world. We’d love to Sponsor one of the locations in need.” Through prayer, a series of questions, this wonderful couple is now supporting The Salvation Army Malawi Anti Trafficking Rescue Center.

Current FundraiserIt is so important for each of us to know about all the ways The Army serves communities, not just our own, but communities around the world. This knowledge can come through fundraising, raising awareness on specific needs, and educational moments: sharing resources, opportunities and through variety cultural experiences. Some other ways that Madison, IN Corps learn about missions are cultural dance lessons during their Sacred Ballet Class, specific fundraising projects (i.e. encouraging Vacation Bible School students to bring $3 to purchase bibles for kids in Thailand,) through prayer, Bible Studies, and more.

–Reported by Lt. Brenna Lee


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