SMT Costa Rica – Update #4


It’s the Costa Rica team again, excited to share with you what we’ve been up to this week! We have been painting a lot this week, and only have a few finishing touches to go before we finish our project.

On Friday we were joined by the cadets of the Latin America North territory, who helped us with a lot of the painting. We really enjoyed our time of fellowship with them as we worked, joked, and sang the whole time.

This past week we also had the opportunity to venture out of our little corner of San Jose to visit Limon. The team and some others packed into a van and headed on a 4 hour drive. Upon arrival we were greeted with open arms by the Officers at the corps who opened up their house to us. While in Limon we had the opportunity to join with the young people for their Youth Night.

On Monday Shannon, Chris, and Kaleigh led the Junior Home League filled with games, a craft, and a devotional about the armor of God.

Tuesday we were given the opportunity to do something different by leading the Women’s Home League. The women that joined us were just like home league women in the USA, mischievous, funny, loving, and willing to hear the word of God. Josh brought the devotion about the renovation and transformation that we undergo as Christians. We played games with the ladies and did a craft together and ended our time with brownies and coffee. It was a great time together.

Today we were able to head into the mountains a bit and visit the training school for the territory. The cadets live in a beautiful sanctuary where they study and live in community. We were able to see some of them off before they headed to Panama for their brigade campaigns.

With only a week left we are avoiding the inevitable and taking advantage of the time we have left here with all of our friends. Prayers appreciated as we end our summer here in Costa Rica.


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