India has experienced extreme difficulty and yet there have been moments of hope. Most of us are aware of the severity of the pandemic in India and we continue to pray for India and the response to COVID-19.

Recently, we received an update from our Partner in Mission, the India South Eastern (ISE) Territory! The Salvation Army School in Valliyoor is being used as a vaccination center! The territory requests that we pray that as many people as possible will have access to the vaccine. They ask that we also pray that others around the world would be aware of the urgency of this need.

The Valliyoor compound holds more than just a high school,

it is also home to a primary school, divisional headquarters, a corps, several officers’ homes and a Children’s Home for Boys. Our territory’s Summer and Global – Mission Teams have served at this compound in recent years! This vaccination site is further evidence of The Salvation Army meeting human needs, taking care of not just educational and spiritual needs, but also providing health and safety to their neighbors.

This vaccination site at Valliyoor is not the only thing happening in ISE! The first hospital in The Salvation Army World is also located here, it is called the Catherine Booth Hospital Nagercoil. This hospital is highly regarded in their community and is also home to an accredited Nursing College.

Catherine Booth Hospital is providing front line care in the battle against COVID-19. The hospital is working with the Indian government to accept up to 40 COVID-19 patients. The nurses are not only working practically but they are also praying fiercely. May God bless the staff, chaplain, and patients along with their families. We invite you to pray for strength for the staff and for the provision of oxygen and medication.

You can follow the India South Eastern Territory on Facebook! Link:

We are grateful that we can join our brothers and sisters as they are praying fervently for their country at this time.


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