SMT Hungary – Update #1

Szia (Hello),Rákoscsaba

Team Hungary is currently in Budapest. We arrived here late Tuesday evening and were greeted by the Regional Commanders, Majors Andrew and Darlene Morgan. The next day, Wednesday, we had a day of rest and preparation for the following day of Children’s camp with the Rákoscsaba corps. We also got to meet our first translator that we will have all summer, Gábor, and learned more about the culture of the country. Thursday was the first day of children’s camp at the Rákoscsaba corps, on arrival we were greeted with many children who started to introduce themselves to us in English. They were excited to see us and us them. As the day progressed we were instructed to lead the day camp program with games, bible study, songs and tons of soccer. Throughout the day the children and Captains Gábor and Andrea Gazsò taught us some Hungarian while we helped them with their English. On Friday we continued with our Children’s camp, when we arrived we were greeted by the children at the gate and one of the little girls had a flower to give to one of the team members. We continued learning some Hungarian games and teaching new American games with the children. Again we were taught to speak Hungarian and the children practiced their English. We talked about the creation story and spent time getting to know the children and the officers. Our Time in Hungary is moving along quickly, we are blessed and our enjoying our time here.


Szia (also a term for bye),

Team Hungary


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