SMT Hungary Update #5 (FINAL)

Szia, (hello) update 5 b
This week in Hungary we are back in Budapest for our final kids camp. We spent our time at the Józsefváros corps playing soccer, volleyball, big group games, indoor games and water games. We taught the kids about Christ in our daily Bible studies and songs plus two of our teammates spent their time teaching some of the kids how to play a brass interment. Again two of our team mates spent time one day washing the feet of the children so they know how much God loves them. One of the days the guys in our team went over to the Úl Reménység men’s hostel where they held a church service about choosing life. They also helped serve the people there food. Another day during the week was spent on a field trip where we took the kids on a boat ride to see Budapest then onto an island. While on the island we were able to split into groups with the kids and take them on bike rides around the island and then held a Bible lesson out in the open talking about how and why we worship then sang our hearts out for everyone to hear and see. Again we spent the week in hot weather in the hundreds but that didn’t stop us update 5 afrom working with the kids and telling them about God. On Sunday we got to be in charge of the service, playing in the band, leading worship, the kids presenting to their parents the songs they learned during the week, giving a testimony and one of our team mates preached. In the evening one of the families opened up their home for us to come and eat with them and shared a devotional with us about God’s love. It was a great week. Our time in Hungary has been filled with blessings and love from God. What a wonderful summer!

Szia (Bye),
Team Hungary


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