Teens Make a Difference in the World

Indiana YC Cows 2This year four divisions decided to plan and participate in raising funds for mission projects. Together they raised over: $11,000!

The Northern and Midland Divisions chose to sponsor projects in their Partner In Mission divisions/institutions and are sending the funds they raised to The School for the Blind in Jamaica and to Luly Camp in Haiti.

The Indiana Division chose to raise “Coins for Cows”, a version of penny wars. They explained the project to their teens: “We are collecting coins to buy a cow, or more than one if we can, for families helped by The Salvation Army in the country of Haiti. The cost for one cow is $511. That’s a lot to a family in Haiti that doesn’t have money to spare and no way to save it up. Having a cow, and being taught how to take care of it, would mean a source of not only nutrition but income for a family. One cow produces more milk than the family needs, allowing them a chance to sell it to meet their other needs. They also have the cow manure to help them grow better crops and have more food to sell. Before, they could only dream of sending their children to school. Now, after receiving a cow, they not only can afford to buy school materials, but they can also purchase soap, cooking oil and other necessities. And the Indiana Division is offering a Buy One Get One Sale (BOGO) – if we raise enough money to buy one cow (or even two!) the divisional will buy another cow!” Together they raised enough money for three cows!Indiana YC Cows

The Metropolitan Division challenged each corps to raise at least $100 to bring to Youth Councils with them. They chose four projects and divided the corps evenly among the projects (each project was supported by 7 corps/units). The corps raising funds for school supplies at SA schools in India Southeast brought $847.50 with them. Those sponsoring medication and school uniforms for the School for the Blind in Jamaica raised $737.50. Schools/Homes for disabled students in Kenya East were supported by $1453.75 for diapers. And $853.50 was raised for field trips for children with no families who are living at SA homes in Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar. When the DCs heard about the teens work to raise the funds, they decided the division would match it, so each of the above totals was doubled!

We are so excited to be able to send these funds to children in need and to the homes/institutions in which the Salvation Army cares for them. Thank you Divisional Youth Staff for your planning and teenagers for caring and sacrificing time and dollars to make this offering to the Lord!


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