SMT CAST – Update #4

CAST @ Ft. Watne- Group PhotoHello! The Creative Arts Service Team hit Fort Wayne Indiana this week! We started our Monday bright and early at the Fort Wayne Corps; there we met Captain Luis and Lieutenant Linda Acosta and their daughter, Andy. We were also introduced to Cadets Donna and Na Thammavongsa and their children Isabella and Alestar, who are stationed at the Fort Wayne Corps for their summer assignment. Right away we were put to work and begin prepping for the vacation bible school program. CAST was pretty excited to get started and work with them since they were so welcoming.

Our week consisted of working alongside the Cadets to do the Corps’ traveling VBS program. This was the first time for several of us to be part of a traveling VBS. We went to various local parks to share God’s word. We also changed the hours of the VBS program to try to get more children to join. One day we had VBS in the morning and another day we had it in the afternoon. We were able to help with Bible time, crafts, and music. One afternoon, Cadet Na asked us to share our testimonies during the VBS program. It was a nice afternoon since the Cadets and CAST were all able to share how we found God and how He continues to work in our lives.

WCAST @ Ft. Wayne- Painting Projecte also got to spend a majority of our time helping the corps prepare with another project, the Silent Auction Fundraiser. The Fort Wayne Corps is holding a large event in September and they needed our help to get started. We stretched our creative muscles to design backdrops and other decorations for the corps’ upcoming fundraiser. We spent our time painting several pieces that would decorate the hallways. There were many projects to be done but by working together we were able to get them finished. While we waited for the paint to dry, we also got 1,000 water bottles and labeled them. The corps will be passing out these water bottles for free at a parade next week.

There were many occasions where CAST was invited to participate in different Corps activities, and we are so grateful they invited us. On Monday night CAST was asked to be part of a young adult fellowship dinner at the Acosta’s home, which was very fun. On Wednesday night CAST was able to participate in the corps’ Bible study, which was led by Captain Luis. Later that night, we were invited to the Cadets’ home for some ice cream. That night, Cadet Na and Donna led our devotional time. On Thursday, the men of CAST participated in an outing for the men’s ministry group, while the women of CAST were able to have their own kind of ministry group with Lieutenant Linda and Cadet Donna. The whole team was so thankful to be included with the corps’ activities and people. We really appreciate everyone for taking time to get to know us and to share God’s word with us.CAST @ Ft. Wayne - Kingdom of God

On Saturday night, the team was part of the evening program and presented, “The Kingdom of God is…” The program was opened for the corps’ congregation and the local Adult Rehabilitation Center. Our team member, Mikal, also got to share is testimony after the show and Captain Luis provided a devotional at the end of the meeting. Afterwards, we were able to have fellowship with the congregation. They were really touched with what we shared. It was so great to be able to get to know different kinds of people.

CAST @ Ft. Wayne- Sunday WorshipOn Sunday, we were able to join the Teen & Young Adult Sunday School class. CAST was also able to help out with the morning worship service. Jacob was able to play the cornet for preliminary music and offertory. We led praise and worship; Kish played the guitar, Ed played piano, Mikal played the drums and the rest of us sang. We then shared a piece from our show for special music. It was so powerful to be able to see the congregation worship the Lord. It was great to be at church on Sunday.

Our prayer request this week is for the Fort Wayne Corps’ Programs. We will be spending our next week in Warren, MI.

With love,
Brianna Kruse and the Creative Arts Service Team


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