SMT Moldova – Update #3

This past week has been a wonderful time in Ungheni. Our team was greeted by great leaders that we worked with for the remainder of the week. We led a Hawaiian themed day camp. A portion of the kids were regulars at the corps, but many came from the social services in town. Each day, we taught a new word in Hawaiian to the children, along with a bible story. Every day started with games and a worship session. Throughout the week we led crafts, drawing class, team competitions, and fun ways to memorize verses.

The last two days of the day camp went differently. Thursday was a serious, calm day to explain the gospel. After making the gospel bead bracelets with the children, we explained the meaning of each bead. The children were offered the opportunity to respond to the gospel and many of them prayed to receive Jesus as their savior. Then, the last day was a day of celebration! We taught our SMT dance, led several crafts, and did face painting. There was also cookie decorating and a big farewell.

On Monday, another team from the Southern Territory in America visited us at the Corps. They are on a similar mission trip in Romania. The two teams, along with some of the leaders from the Corps, had an amazing, spontaneous worship session that mixed culture, languages, and a love for God. Our team was invited for home league during the week. After an intense game of musical chairs, we had time to get to know the women and tell them about ourselves.

After the camp was over, we traveled to Bălţi. For Sunday worship at the Bălţi Corps, one team member, Marcarius, gave a wonderful sermon. We also performed our SMT dance and sang a song together. We look forward to another week of day camp during the upcoming week!
We ask that you remain in prayer for our team as we continue to serve here in Moldova.
Kelsey Strand
(Rep. Moldova Team)


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