SMT Japan – Update #4

This week we were blessed with many events. On Wednesday we returned to Yokohama corps, where we were able to lead a bible study, then we played ping pong with the kids from the corps, and handed out fans at the Yokohama train station. It is such a blessing to be able to interact with the community here as the corps building is not well known as a church, but often recognized as a safe place for children after school. On Thursday we met an important benefactor of The Salvation Army in Japan and we were able to fellowship with him throughout dinner. His friendship with The Salvation Army with his two soap companies truly embodies the ministry of soup, SOAP, and salvation. His love for others and our ability to see Jesus through him was a great blessing. On Friday we traveled to Yokosuka, where we led a meeting at the Army’s outpost located there. Despite being even smaller than most corps here and not having officers, their virtual Skyped services with their sister corps and their vibrant community of believers keeps this outpost going strong. The very next day we went back to Ueno corps for an open community cafe they held there. There, we fellowshipped with anyone who came to the cafe, and performed some songs and skits. It was a beauty to see soldiers take charge of their corps as their corps officer is in charge of a total of 5 corps as well as being a divisional commander. It was just another example of using the gifts that God gives us for His glory. Saturday night we stayed at Ueno corps to prepare for the Sunday meeting, where we sang in worship and gave a testimony. Thank you so much for reading/ watching our updates, praying for us, and being excited along with us. Continue to pray for our upcoming week here.
Thank you, Team Japan! (チーム日本)


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