SMT Spain/Portugal – Update #4

Hola amigos!

Our week of music camp (and first week in Spain) has come to a close. By far, this was the most challenging week we had so far because of the fact that the amount of rest time we had was cut to a minimum. We were all stretched in more ways than one, each to the gifts (and shortcomings) God has given to each of us. Whether it be through bear hugs, words of encouragement, or supporting each other through smaller works, we all did our best to help one another.

Our team led or helped in many classes including choir, guitar, dance, timbrels, piano, theory, and band. We enjoyed planning two evening programs, one of which included celebrating the 4th of July. By the time the final concert came around, all of the kids were ecstatic to share what they had learned.

We also had the opportunity to get to know the youth representing the many parts of Spain. Though the demands of camp sometimes put a few of us without a translator at times, we found ways to bond with them through other means such as group games and dance. Campers were happy to play the group games with others campers even when we weren’t with them. By the time we were leaving, several campers were taking selfies with us and were waving good bye. One such camper, who loved exchanging handshakes with one of our team members, asked if we’ll remember him after camp ends. Pray for these children, for their futures, that they’ll continually be loved and welcomed by their Corps as Jesus called us to welcome them.

We are now in Alicante and we’ll be going back into manual labor, helping out with day camp there, and supporting other functions in the Corps (ie. Songsters and food distribution).Our choir director is now more confident in his newfound experience from camp. Pray that we continue to adhere to God’s will and be genuine examples of who Jesus is, so that we can support the work here in Spain for our last few weeks.

Sam (Spain/Portugal Rep)


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