Year in Review – 2020

Our mission is to “partner globally for the sake of the gospel”. Although this year has looked very different than previous years, we look back to see how the Lord has allowed this mission to continue. Here is how we’ve seen partnership throughout this year.

Partnership – Our territory has invested, through fundraisers, World Services offerings and other awareness opportunities, in the women’s Self-Help Groups in our partner territory, India South Eastern. Even as they experienced their own hardships due to the growing pandemic, when they heard of the difficulties here in our territory, the women expressed a desire to set aside a time to come together to pray for us in our distress. On April 22, 2020, 5500+ came together to pray for the USA Central Territory and SAWSO because of their concern for us. A beautiful picture of partnership in action!

Global Mission Teams – In January, 7 people from across USA Central served in Argentina alongside local workers and Salvationists to complete a renovation project at the Villa Elvira Corps. In February, 6 members from the USA Central Territory served in Bluefields, Jamaica to renovate Salvation Army property and build and equip a vocational sewing program for the community.

Overseas Personnel – In August, Majors Carr and their family began their service in our partner territory, the Caribbean, in their appointments in the Eastern Jamaica Division. In November, Commissioners Heatwoles took up their new appointment as territorial leaders in the Latin America North territory.

Financial Projects supported – In February, at the Regeneration conference, delegates learned about the need to fund Bible Camps for teens and young adults and raised over $2600 so their peers across the ocean could participate in a camp similar to their own. In May, upon hearing of the desire to purchase and distribute Bibles in the Spain and Portugal command during the pandemic, the WMD invited former Summer Mission and Global Mission Team members if they would like to contribute to this financial need. Within days, the needed $250+ was raised. And, as the pandemic crisis continues, our territory has supported about 60 Covid-19 related projects covering a variety of financial needs for our SA brothers and sisters around the world as they suffered through this crisis with very few resources. Also, the 18th annual Share Your Christmas Joy® campaign raised funds to bring joy to Salvation Army homes around the world this Christmas season.

Resources – The World Missions Dept. established a monthly resource that can be used in the corps setting to increase awareness of the international Salvation Army. These Monthly Missions Moments can be used during worship or posted on corps bulletin boards. In partnership with the Youth Department, resources were created for children’s ministries especially relevant to the VBS/Day Camp program. In partnership with the Women’s Ministries Dept., we created resources for Embrace, World Day of Prayer and special women’s events.

A new training resource was developed! On November 7, 2020, we held the first online training for Missionary Sergeants. This event had registrations from 7 divisions. Not only did 12 soldiers and officers participate, but it was recorded and is available for use by anyone who would like this training. The 20/21 World Services Self-Denial theme, “Goals for a Brighter Future” was launched. Finally, as seen in this month’s article, this year’s Advent Prayer Cards were created in connection with the Advent Worship series.

Our resources are friendly for either online or in-person use. See our website for more information and resources.

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