CAST – Update #1

Greetings from the Creative Arts Service Team! We’ve had a busy week at THQ with our rehearsal camp. We have been working on material for our two shows, “The Table of the Lord” and “The Wordless Book”. “The Table” is a collection of dances, skits, songs, and spoken word pieces that focus on God inviting us to His table as His children. “The Wordless Book” is part of the Jesus Theatre series and it tells the story of the Gospel through colors. It is an all ages ministry tool that has a message for everyone. There has been a  great deal of work from all involved. We have been prepping our lessons plans (drama and dance material) for the upcoming weeks since we will be leading those electives at various divisional camps.

We’ve started preparing for our upcoming trip to Argentina by getting some traditional Argentinian food (empanadas and alfajores) to sample. On Sunday, we went to La Villita corps in Chicago to immerse ourselves in a Spanish worship service. The community there warmly welcomed us. They are a very tight knit group, who made sure that everyone had an opportunity to participate in the meeting. Afterward, we were invited to eat a Father’s Day meal with their corps family.

CAST has a very diverse group of members this year, both familiar faces and new. We welcomed back an international team member, and we met a new friend from the Southern territory. Our group brings to the table (pun most definitely intended) a wide variety of talents, from actors and instrumentalists to vocalists, dancers and even a make-up artist. We are very excited that God has brought us together, and helped us to form an almost familial bond within a very short amount of time. We’ve also spent time bonding through the preparation of a few meals on our own. We are very excited to see what He has in store for us in the coming weeks.

This week, we will be members of faculty at the Wisconsin Upper Michigan divisional music camp. We ask for your prayers that God will make His presence known throughout the week.

Thank you all for your continued support!
-Jacob Wise
(Rep. Creative Arts Service Team)


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